Flexible Couplings - SPEFLEX

Nominal Torque range
45 Nm – 2500 Nm

Rotational Speed 
3600.00 RPM – 5000.00 RPM

Product Key Facts
Product Description
Torsional flexible coupling with a fabric reinforced elastic element that is suitable for motion reversals and multidirectional flexibility. 

High speed shaft of machinery driven by electric motor with high misalignments.


  • High axial and angular misalignment capacity
  • Reverse functionality and high static torque support
  • Shock absorption and vibration attenuation

Tailor-made solutions

  • Suitable for applications with difficult alignment characteristics
  • Shaft to shaft or shaft to flange connection possibilities
  • Shaft accommodation up to 125 mm.


  • Synthetic fabric reinforced element designed to last for a long time
  • Radial replacement of the elastic element
  • Reduced number of components for easy installation and maintenance