Warner Electric Clutches & Brakes

Electromagnetic Clutch / Brakes

Warner Electric leads the world in the design and development of electromagnetic clutch / brakes, ha
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Tension Brakes & Controls

Tension control is paramount in applications where roll winding / unwinding features, such as printi
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Linear Actuators

Warner’s range of electromechanical actuators are available to meet varying design demands, fr
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Warner Catalogues

Warner has a full range of catalogues and product brochures that are available for download. Yo
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wrap spring

Wrap Spring Clutch

Wrap Spring Operation CB Series wrap spring clutch/brake combinations are designed for applications
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Formsprag Clutches

Formsprag has been designing, manufacturing and delivering dependable, long-lived, precision power t
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WarnerWarner Electric is the global leader in the power transmission industry for electromagnetic clutches and brakes.

All Torque Transmissions are distributors for the full range of Warner Electric equipment, keeping a range in stock in Braeside as well as dealing directly with the source.

In addition, one of our main capabilities with the Warner Electric product is the ability to service and overhaul existing equipment, helping to extend service life.

Applications for the Warner range are many and varied, and we have specified them into all sorts of local industries.

Material Handling

• Conveyor Systems   • Palletizers   • Stacker/Picker Lifts   • Stretch wrappers

Machine Tools

• Precision Lead Screw Positioning   • Automatic Tool Changers   • Transfer Lines


• Bagging   • Case Sorting   • Case Sealing   • Sorting   • Bottling   • Labelling   • Quality Control


• Feeding   • Batching   • Portioning   • Counting   • Food ,Chemical and >.waste water

Plant Productivity

• Coordinating word processors   • Metal Working machines   • Automated Systems   • Conveyors   • Automated Warehousing   • General Indexing, Cycling

Information processing

• Copiers   • Computer printers   • Disc Drives   • Collators