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Single Phase

WEG’s range of single phase electric motors are high quality, capacitor start / capacitor run
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WEG History

WEG History Brazilian giant WEG turns out 11.5 million electric motors per year, employs 25,000 worl
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motor spares

WEG Motor Spares

As WEG’s distributor in Victoria, All Torque Transmissions also handles the full range of motor spar
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All Torque Transmissions is the Victorian distributors for the full range of WEG electric motors and drives, keeping stock at both its Braeside and Preston branches. WEG Electric Motors

The range that we keep includes the MEPS2-rated W21 series in both foot and flange mount, in 2 pole, 4 pole and 6 pole speeds,  and the IP66-rated W22 series in selected sizes.

WEG’s range extends far beyond the standard offerings, however, with mining motors, EX’d certified, EX’n certified, brake motors, two speed motors and even NEMA motors all available on short lead times.

W21 Electric Motors Range

WEG’s W21 motor range is versatile, and large.  From 63 frame to 355 frame in 2, 4, 6 and 8 pole as standard, the W21 is the workhorse of the WEG electric motor range.

W22 Range

The W22 range from WEG was introduced to offer a high-quality, IP66-rated series of electric motors for a reasonable price.  We like to specify W22 motors when applications are more demanding than normal, or where machine reliability is paramount.

Ex’d Range

WEG electric motors for hazardous areas include Ex’d, Ex’nA, Ex’tc and Ex’tb.  All are high efficiency and MEPS compliant.

The WEG Exd range starts in 90 frame and goes all the way through to 355 frame, in foot, foot/flange and flange mount, with 2, 4 and 6 pole speeds off the shelf.  8 pole and 10 pole motors are also available upon request.

Brake Motors

WEG brake motors consist of an induction motor coupled to a Lenze brake, forming an integral, compact and robust unit.  In WEG brake motors, the frame material is aluminium from 63 to 112 and cast iron from 63 to 160.

The induction motor is totally enclosed with external ventilation, giving the same performance characteristics of the WEG IP55 range of motors.

The brake is of sturdy construction, with few moving parts, ensuring long durability with a minimum of maintenance.