What are the Standard Voltages Used in Australia?

There are a variety of electric motors currently in use in Australia, all with varying AC voltages.  Many times they are application specific.  For domestic use, the standard voltage is single phase 240 volts at 50 hertz Standard electric motors in industry use three phase, 415 volts at 50 hertz Also very common is 220 – 240 volts three phase, which is a three phase motor run from a single phase inverter.  This system will NOT run single phase motors and three phase motors must have six terminal studs for connection with 415 volts three phase or 240 volts three phase. Many 60 hertz 220 volts / 380 volts imported motors are found running on Australian 50 hertz.  Nameplate speed on 60 hertz motors will actually be 20% less when running on Australian 50 hertz power.