Dirty Duty Washdown

  • A new range of highly durable epoxy coated motors designed for the most severe and corrosive applications in the processing industry, and those that require intense high-pressure washdown
  • High performance Autophoretic surface preparation for superior paint bonding
  • High performance, high durability coating bonded to the steel frame, cast iron endplates, conduit box, lid and base
  • FDA approved surface coating is impervious to high pressure, extreme temperatures and caustic chemicals
  • Level of protection suitable for marine applications such as IEEE 45 and USCG 259 (below deck service)
  • IP66 available


Dirty Duty Washdown Motor Featuresdirty duty

  • Exclusive 200 degrees C ‘ISR’ (Inverter Spike Resistant) magnet wire up to 100 times more resistant to voltage spikes, provides an added thermal safety margin
  • Improved exterior paint with Autophoretic autodeposition surface preparation method for more corrosion and chip resistance. FDA approved epoxy powder coating electrostatically applied to inside and outside of body, end plates and conduit box
  • Four drain holes in each endplate with removable stainless plugs minimise moisture entry and maximise drainage
  • JM Clipper type high performance seal on driveshaft end (both ends on TEFC)
  • 300 stainless steel shaft prevents rust and corrosion
  • Double sealed motor bearings with Mobil Polyrex EM grease for improved lubrication life. Polyrex EM has greater shear stability and superior resistance to washout, rust and corrosion
  • Precision die cast aluminium rotor, balanced and coated with an epoxy primer to resist corrosion
  • High temperature Class F insulation and low operating temperature rise (Class B) provides longer insulation and bearing life
  • Double dipped and baked varnish eliminates voids, provides stronger bond and improves moisture resistance for windings. Encapsulation adds another level of internal contaminant and moisture protaction
  • Neoprene rubber gaskets on conduit box and lid ensure a tight, waterproof seal
  • Glass-filled polypropylene external fan, impervious to cleaning agents and other caustic solutions


Motor kW Rated r/min IEC Frame Enclosure Mount Weight kgs Type Cat. No.
0.37 1440 D71-B3/B5 TEFC B3/B5 11.4 3416M CWAM3461-57
0.56 1440 NEMA 56C TENV 56C/Foot 18.2 3520M CWAM3542-57
0.56 1440 D80D TENV B5 Flange 17 3520M VWAM3542D-57
0.75 1440 90S TENV B3 Foot 21 3524M MWAM3546-57
0.75 1440 D80D TENV B5 Flange 22 3524M VWAM3546D-57
1.1 1440 90S TENV B3 Foot 29.5 3540M MWAM3554-57
1.1 1440 D90D TENV B5 Flange 31.5 3540M VWAM3554D-57
1.5 1440 90L TEFC B3 Foot 25 3535M MWAM3558-57
1.5 1440 D90D TEFC B5 Flange 27 3535M VWAM3558D-57
2.2 1440 112M TEFC B3 Foot 35 3628M MWAM3611-57
2.2 1440 D100D TEFC B5 Flange 37.3 3628M VWAM3611D-57
4 1440 112M TEFC B3 Foot 45 3643M MWAM3615-58
4 1440 D112D TEFC B5 Flange 48 3643M VWAM3615-58
5.5 1440 132S TEFC B3 Foot 63 3735M MWAM3710-58
5.5 1440 D132D TEFC B5 Flange 68 3735M VWAM3710D-58
7.5 1440 132M TEFC B3 Foot 74 3746M MWAM3714-58
7.5 1440 D132D TEFC B5 Flange 77 3746M VWAM3714D-58