Washdown / Epoxy Coated AC Motors

For multi-shift food and pharmaceutical processing applications, Baldor Washdown Duty motors deliver both reliability and energy cost savings.  The standard in the food and pharmaceutical processing industries for more than 25 years, Baldor Washdown Duty motors continually raise the bar with more features to improved reliability.

The improved exterior paint process makes the finish coat five times more resistant to corrosion and chipping.  Mobil Polyrex® EM grease provides improved lubrication life, provides greater shear stability and superior resistance to washout, rust and corrosion. Distinctive black drain plugs make them easy to recognize and are easily removable.

Washdown Motor Technical Details

• Can outlast up to 10 ordinary TEFC motors in wash-down applications.washdown
• Autophoretic® autodeposition surface preparation method makes finish coat five times more resistant to corrosion and chipping than previous methods. Withstands ASTM B117 salt spray test for over 500 hours. FDA approved epoxy powder coating electrostatically applied (inside and outside) on end-plate and conduit box for thorough corrosion prevention and long lasting finish.
• Forsheda® slinger and contact lip seal on output shaft extension. An extra measure of protection to keep contaminants out.
• Four condensate drain holes in each endplate allow thorough drainage, regardless of motor’s mounting position. Distinctive blue colour of drain plugs makes them easy to recognise; new shape makes them easy to remove. Notched fan cover allows easy access to condensate drain plugs without removing fan cover.
• Oversized conduit box exceeds NEC standards and neoprene gaskets.
• Foot and Face Mounting.
• Locked bearing construction on C-face motors, reduces endplay and allows vertical mounting.
• 200°C ‘ISR’ Spike Resistant Magnet Wire with Moisture Resistant Class F Insulation.
• TENV motors have excellent heat dissipation characteristics making them ideal for variable speed applications.
• Designed for food processing and applications where the motor is constantly exposed to an environment requiring high pressure wash down to maintain cleanliness.

baldor washdown

Click here for performance data and dimension drawings, or to download the motor catalogue.

Motor kW Rated r/min IEC Frame Enclosure Mount Weight kgs Type Cat. No.
0.37 1440 D71-B3/B5 TEFC B3/B5 11.4 3416M CWMM3461-57
0.56 1440 NEMA 56C TENV 56C/Foot 14.5 3520M CWDM3542-57
0.56 1440 D80D TENV B5 Flange 20 3520M VWDM3542D-57
0.75 1440 90S TENV B3 Foot 21 3524M MWDM3546-57
0.75 1440 D80D TENV B5 Flange 22 3528M VWDM3546D-57
1.1 1440 90S TENV B3 Foot 22 3540M MWDM3554-57
1.1 1440 D90D TENV B5 Flange 25.5 3540M VWDM3554D-57
1.5 1440 90L TEFC B3 Foot 20 3535M MWDM3558-57
1.5 1440 D90D TEFC B5 Flange 23 3535M VWDM3558D-57
2.2 1440 112M TEFC B3 Foot 33 3628M MWDM3611-57
2.2 1440 D100D TEFC B5 Flange 38 3628M VWDM3611D-57
4 1440 112M TEFC B3 Foot 45 3643M MWDM3615-58
4 1440 D112D TEFC B5 Flange 55 3640M VWDM3615D-58
5.5 1440 132S TEFC B3 Foot 56 3735M MWDM3710-58
5.5 1440 D132D TEFC B5 Flange 56 3735M VWDM3710D-58
7.5 1440 132M TEFC B3 Foot 71 3746M MWDM3714-58
7.5 1440 D132D TEFC B5 Flange 71 3746M VWDM3714D-58