Stainless / Washdown AC Motors

stainless motorOver the years, Baldor has worked with industry leaders in food processing to design washdown duty motors that meet and exceed their application demands.  Their Stainless Super-E encapsulated washdown duty motors are another example of the best getting better.

Baldor’s SSE Stainless Super-E is designed to perform longer than any other industrial electric motor available today, in the most corrosive and caustic applications subjected to frequent high-pressure sanitizing.  With unmatched quality and superior reliability, Baldor’s SSE Stainless Super-E motors have again set the standard that all other washdown duty motors will be judged against.

Stainless Steel Electric Motor Features

• All exterior motor surfaces, shaft and hardware are totally stainless steel, (non-metalic fan on TEFC models), USDA approved. baldor stainless
• JM Clipper Type high performance seal on driveshaft end (both ends on TEFC).
• Four drain holes in each endplate (at 90° locations) with removable stainless plugs minimise moisture entry and maximise drainage.
• Oversized conduit box exceeds NEC standards and neoprene gaskets.
• Foot and Face Mounting.
• Locked bearing construction on C-face motors, reduces endplay and allows vertical mounting.
• 200°C ‘ISR’ Spike Resistant Magnet Wire with Moisture Resistant Class F Insulation.
• TENV motors have excellent heat dissipation characteristics making them ideal for variable speed applications.
• Designed for food processing and applications where the motor is constantly exposed to an environment requiring high pressure wash down to maintain cleanliness.
• IP66 available on request.


Click here for performance data and dimension drawings, or to download the Washdown catalogue.

Motor kW Rated r/min IEC Frame Enclosure Mount Weight kgs Type Cat. No.
0.37 1440 NEMA 56C TENV 56C 21.5 3420M CSSEWDM3538-57
0.37 1440 NEMA 56C TENV 56C+Foot 17.7 3516M CSSWDM3538-57
0.75 1440 NEMA 56C TENV 56C 22.7 3532M CSSEWDM3546-57
0.75 1440 NEMA 56C TENV 56C+Foot 22.7 3528M CSSWDM3546-57
1.1 1440 D90C TEFC B3+B14 21 3528M CSSWDMM3554-57
1.5 1440 D90C TEFC B3+B14 30 3540M CSSWDMM3558-57
2.2 1440 D100C TEFC B3+B14 42 3632M CSSWDMM3611-57
4 1440 D112C TEFC B3+B14 51 3646M CSSWDMM3615-58