Baldor C-Series Brushless Servo Motors

BSM C-Series motors are the most cost effective Baldor brushless servo motor per unit of torque. They have been developed with a new ‘Ring Magnet’ rotor design which incorporates Neodymium magnet material.  bsm

• More torque in smaller package than previous designs
• Acceleration torques from 3.6 N-m to 360 N-m
• High output torque at low speed – continuous 1.2 N-m to 120 N-m
• Inertia range 1.8/42.6 – 644 Kg-cm2
• Standard windings for 160, 300, 600 bus volts- customs available
• Premium 200°C moisture resistant, multi-coated wire for reliability
• Extra high insulated stator for high voltage and current spike protection
• Superior bearings with Exxon PolyrexEM TM polyrex grease to provide 4 times greater life
• Rugged industrial construction to provide quality throughout the design
• Stock and customs available – IEC/NEMA designs