Flex + II Servo Drives

Flex+Drive II drives are part of a new generation of Baldor servo controls, which share a common control platform. Based on the MintMT™ Operating System, the Series II controls share a common front-end and parameter set with the Baldor NextMove series of motion controllers.

Flex+Drive II Servo Drives offer:
• New 32-bit front-end common to all Series II FlexDrives and MintDrives.
• Rotary and linear motor support.
• Feedback options include:
– Resolver
– Commutating Encoder
– EnDat – single and multi-turn absolute
• Handwheel encoder for both encoder and resolver based motors.
• Higher performance encoder input, 12MHz (post quadrature), for high speed linear motor applications.
• Auto-tuning of current, velocity and position loops with Hall sequence detection and calculation of motor inductance and resistance.
• Preset jog speeds, selectable from user inputs. (7 standard or up to 256 with option).
• PLC task with simple AND/OR logic
• All software for the Series II is shipped on CD-ROM. This contains not only the front end, but also full documentation, including details on the ActiveX control for PC programming.
• Mint programmable for indexing applications and simple following (gearing) applications.
• Preset positions selectable from user inputs, with independent absolute and relative indexing positions. (7 standard or up to 256 with option).