Metric 24A4-60P Series 12 or 24V Inline Planetary DC Gearmotor

Application Information

  • Up to twice the torque of conventional helical / spur parallel shaft gearboxes of similar size.
  • 12V and 24V models feature metric drive shafts and mounting; 90/130V models in US/Imperial dimensions.
  • Contact Bodine for models with accessory shafts and mounting options for encoders.

Speed / 1/min: 15 to 658

Torque: 0.1 to 26 Nm

Power / Watts: 46.61 to 62.14


  • 24A motor provides high starting torque, adjustable speed, and predictable performance.
  • Pre-seated motor brushes for quiet operation.
  • Class “F” insulation and ratings.
  • Unvented integral gearhousing, mounts in any orientation.
  • Permanently lubricated with high-performance lubricant.
  • Hardened steel planet gears with needle bearings for maximum life and performance.
  • Standard backlash < 60 arc minutes.
  • Environmental protection IP-66 (w/face seal kit installed).