Bonfiglioli History

Founded by Clemention Bonfiglioli in 1956, Bonfiglioli Group originally started in the agricultural equipment sector, before getting involved in industrial gearing.  The acquisition of world-leading planetary gearbox manufacturer Trasmital in bonfiglioli_logo1975 cemented Bonfiglioli’s gearing credentials, with wormboxes, in-line helicals and parallel shaft gearboxes forming the backbone of a very strong lineup.

Rapid growth and expansion on the back of the Bonfiglioli industrial gearbox product range has seen the company expand to 10 global manufacturing plants, with a total staff of bonfig awards5,000 and sales and distribution channels that cover the world.

In Australia, Bonfiglioli’s alliance with All Torque Transmissions started in 2001, with the appointment of All Torque as distributors in Victoria.  Since then, All Torque has been awarded distributor of the year more than once, an achievement we are extremely proud of.

All Torque Transmissions keeps the ready-to-use Bonfiglioli VF and W series wormboxes off the shelf at both Braeside and Preston.  Other units are assembled-to-order, and we work with the Bonfiglioli factory to keep delivery times as short as possible.