Worm Gearboxes

As distributors for Victoria, we stock Bonfiglioli’s full range of VF and W series worm gearboxes in both Braeside and Preston.  The W range is modular, which enables us to attach motor flanges, output flanges and output shafts from stock.

Bonfiglioli’s range of wormboxes is the workhorse seen behind many applications, but are especially prevalent in mixing and conveying roles, where their standard output shaft sizes make them extremely adaptable.

The full VF/W Series Bonfiglioli worm gearboxes range of catalogues can be downloaded by clicking here.

The VF series (VF27, VF30, VF44 and VF49) comes standard with a B14 motor flange attached.

Worm Gearboxes: Technical Dataworm gearboxes

Torque Range
13 Nm… 7,100 Nm

Mechanical Rating (n1= 1400 min-1)
0,04 … 75 kW

Gear ratios
7 … 10,000

Output Configurations
Keyed Hollow Shaft
Plug-in Solid Output Shaft
Torque Limiter as an Option

Input Configurations
VF and W: IEC-normalized motor adapter
VF and W: solid input shaft

Applicable AC motors
VF and W: IEC-normalized motors and brake motors – BN series/BE series
W: integral motors and brake motors series M/ME series
Single and dual speed motors

Main Brake Features
DC and AC supply
Faster Brake Engage/Disengage through Electonically
Controlled AC/DC Rectifier type SB, NBR, SBR (options)

Main Motor Options
Thermistors and Thermostates sensor
Separate Supply Forced Ventilation
Line Driver and Push-Pull Incremental Encoder

Worm Gearboxes Size and Ratings Chart

VF Ratings









The full VF/W Series Bonfiglioli wormboxes range of catalogues can be downloaded by clicking here.