DSA / DTC Axial safety device

DSA Axial force limiter dsa

Comintec’s DSA axial force limiter is a device that disengages in the axial direction (in compression and tension) at the pre-set force by altering the spring pressure.

  • Axial backlash free
  • The same calibrating force both in tension and in compression
  • Automatic re-engagement in the correct position after release
  • Innovative calibrating force system by quote “H”
  • Manufactured in steel, fully machined
  • Maintenance free for a high reliability
  • Mechanical stop to avoid the traction rod withdrawing after the release
  • Force range: 30 N – 7000 N


On Request

  • Complete with traction-compression rods and rod ends
  • Sensor or microswitch in axial or radial position
  • Possibility of special versions for specific applications


DSA Main Applications

  • Hollow shaft gearboxes
  • Movement cams and eccentrics
  • Articulated movements for booster and motor slides


DSA Advantages and Benefits

  • Protect shaft hung gearboxes against overload within the transmission
  • Protect motor slides or other elements against collision or impact of mechanical stops
  • Protect generic movements against impacts or bad positioning


DSA Application Examples