Torque Limiters DSF

Friction Torque Limiters “DF”torque limiters

Comintec torque limiters are overload protection devices with a sprocket mounted between two friction discs that slide without disengaging when it reaches the pre-set peak torque.  The torque is adjustable by altering the spring pressure.

Features of Torque Limiters

  • Simple and economic friction torque limiter
  • Suitable for dusty conditions without need of timing between gearbox and output
  • Silent overload without vibration
  • Protection in both rotation directions
  • Asbestos-free friction discs
  • Simple and precise torque setting by adjusting the locking ring
  • The innovative setting of the nominal torque by measuring the “H” dimension allows for immediate coupling calibration


Available on Request…

  • Complete with transmission gear, fully turned and mounted (plate wheel, pulley, gear pair)
  • Different types of friction discs for specific applications
  • Possibility of connections with bore and keyway, locking assembly or other locking systems
  • Anti-corrosive surface treatments for special requirements


Main Applications of Torque Limiters

  • Forming machines
  • Conveyors
  • Automotive
  • Agricultural machines, woodworking machines


Torque Limiters – Advantages and Benefits

  • Protects the motor-gearbox in case of accidental collision
  • Protects the film of wrapping machines in case of higher tension
  • Absorbs static torques without disengaging
  • Protects the gear in case of short product jam


Application Examples

torque limiters