DSM Limiter

ComInTec has developed a new modular torque limiter – the DSM – as an answer to some of the problems presented by high speed applications in heavy industry.

Specifically aimed at usage in mills, extruders, conveyors, and in the mining and earthmoving machinery spheres, the DSM caters for high torque, high speed and large shaft diameters.

The DSM is manufactured completely in steel with specialised heat treatment, ensuring long service life and consistency in performance.

DSM Technical Characteristicscomintec DSM

  • Safety device with full steel construction offering mechanical strength
  • Free rotation after disengagement with low residual torque
  • Maintenance free
  • Excellent performance / weight ratio
  • Compact and robust construction
  • Suitable for high rotation speeds
  • Simple system for calibration and re-engagement
  • Flexibility in performance thanks to the modularity of the assembly
  • Protected from external agents


DSM – Ex Factory Options

  • Available with flexible coupling to dampen starting torque, absorb vibration and accommodate possible shaft misalignment
  • Available with rigid disc coupling for backlash-free transmission
  • Possibility to incorporate a limit switch plat in order to have an electric signal


Calibration of the Device

The calibration torque is externally adjustable and is achieved by turning the adjuster not to increase or decrease the spring pressure.  The adjustment ring nut has outer circumference notches, while on the module body there is a reference mark.

For each rotation of the nut corresponding to one notch, a torque figure is obtained.  This figure is a result of the nut rotation and the number of modules mounted.

It is important that all nuts of single modules are adjusted in the same way.  Calibration tables are used to assist in this function.

Once the required calibration is obtained, the adjuster nut is locked in position radially by a set screw.


DSM Availability

The DSM series is available on short lead times ex the ComInTec factory in Italy.

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