DSS or DSR: Balls or Rollers torque limiters dss / dsr

DSS / DSR torque limiters are overload protection devices with either ball or roller transmission, which disengages fully at the pre-set peak torque.  The torque is steplessly adjustable by altering the spring pressure.

DSS / DSR Features

  • Precise torque setting by adjusting the radially balanced locking nut
  • The innovative regulation of the nominal torque by measuring the “H” dimension allows for immediate coupling calibration. Equidistant re-engagement in phase or at 360°
  • Available with electromechanical switch / proximity for the transmission disconnection
  • Immediate intervention for an improved reaction compared to electronic systems
  • Maintenance-free for long lasting high reliability
  • Suitable for oily and wet environments


DSS / DSR – Available on Request

  • Complete with transmission gear, fully turned and mounted (plate wheel, pulley, gear pair)
  • Possibility to use helical springs for low intervention torques
  • Connections with bore and keyway, locking assembly possible
  • Version with personalized re-engagement in phase 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°… possible


Main Applications

  • Packaging and wrapping machines
  • Labelling machines
  • Bottling machines
  • Conveyors


DSS / DSR Advantages and Benefits

  • Protects the gearbox from jamming due to foreign matters
  • Protects packages from squashing and deforming
  • Protects the product handling elements from accumulations
  • Maintains the timing between driver and driven after an overload


Application Examples

dss / dsr