Grip Tight Mounted Ball Bearings

DODGE GRIP TIGHT™ EASY-ON/EASY-OFF During mounting, the patent pending collar/inner ring system locks the tapered adaptor sleeve into the bearing and onto the shaft.  To dismount, the built in bearing puller pulls the bearing off the adaptor and pushes the adaptor in the opposite direction (out from the bearing).

HOUSING STYLES Off the shelf and shaft ready, the Dodge GRIP TIGHT adaptor mount ball bearing is offered for normal and medium duty in a variety of housing styles, including pillow block; tapped base; two-, three-, and four-bolt flange; piloted flange; take-up. Also available in E-Z KLEEN polymer or stainless steel housing styles. Please refer to E-Z KLEEN product for more information.

LESS PRODUCT INVENTORY FOR SIGNIFICANT SAVINGS With Dodge GRIP TIGHT adaptor ball bearings, you can reduce your inventory as much as 25%-45%.  Rather than inventory a complete line of individual bore sizes for each housing style, you can now purchase a housing assembly and adaptors separately, with the adaptor determining the bore size within a housing series.

DAMAGE FREE SHAFTING The new Dodge GRIP TIGHT adaptor bearing features a unique adapter-mount design that is specifically developed to withstand axial forces that are generated during mounting or dismounting.  The adaptor attaches itself to the shaft for full concentric contact-360º through the length of the bearing. This provides superior holding power, as well as suppresses fretting corrosion and vibration.

In test comparisons, a setscrew mounted bearing promotes shaft fretting corrosion and scarring.  But the new Dodge GRIP TIGHT adaptor bearing comes off the shaft quickly and reveals no shaft fretting corrosion or scarring.  There is no need to recondition your shaft so you save time and avoid added labor/maintenance.

FULL CONTACT ON SHAFT FOR BETTER GRIP, LESS VIBRATION Setscrew locking can distort the inner ring and cause system induced vibration.  But the new  Dodge GRIP TIGHT adaptor attaches itself to the shaft for full concentric contact 360° through the length of the bearing.

DODGE PREMIUM SEALING SYSTEMS • Combination contact land-riding and labyrinth seal with flingers (standard) keeps grease in and contaminants out. • QuadGuard™ patented triple-lip low-drag seal + rubberised flinger delivers premium protection and longer service life (optional).



Interchangeable mounting dimensions with most competitive setsrew, eccentric collar and concentric clamp collar products

Thin Wall Adaptor mounting offers 360° full shaft contact and concentricity.

No shaft marring or fretting corrosion like setscrew and eccentric collar products. Integral dismount feature easily removes the bearing from the shaft. Turned, ground, and polished shafting is not required.

Anti-rotation device prevents insert rotation associated with light or rotating loads/highspeed applications

Expansion pillow blocks available for popular shaft sizes

High-temperature option available to 400°F



17 to 85mm 1/2  to 3-1/2 inch