Imperial IP-mounted Spherical Roller Bearings

Dodge IMPERIAL IP mounted bearings are general-purpose, high-capacity, double-row spherical roller bearings.

imperial ipDODGE Imperial IP Easy On / Easy Off Push-Pull Adaptor Mount System

The Dodge IMPERIAL IP bearing uses a thin wall push-pull adapter system that achieves  clearance setting without the use of feeler gauges. The IMPERIAL IP bearing is installed by turning the locknut clockwise and removed by a counterclockwise rotation. Installation and removal of an  IMPERIAL IP bearing can be accomplished in 15 minutes or less.

Cost Saving Installation

• Factory lubed, sealed and adjusted, ready to slip onto the shaft
• Adaptor sleeve concentricity virtually eliminates fretting corrosion
• Field convertible from non-expansion to expansion and expansion to non-expansion
• Elongated pillow block bolt holes to facilitate mounting

Better Sealing Options

For low and medium speeds, the TRIDENT™ seal is a triple-lip and a face-rubbing seal that offers an improvement over other systems. While running, the TRIDENT™ seal provides 100% contact at 100% constant pressure, 100% of the time. This patented seal provides a flinger, shielding the seal and bearing from contamination and damage for greater protection. An exclusion lip that makes contact with the flinger provides an additional barrier against contaminants. Seal/land positive contact up to ±1 degree of misalignment.

For high speed or high temperature applications there is a patented Labyrinth seal option that provides excellent sealing for relatively clean or hot environments. It also offers a 15% increase in maximum speed over standard SAF adapter mounted sphericals of the same shaft size. Flinger shields the seal and bearing from contamination/damage. Seal operates up to ±1 degree of misalignment.

Heavy Duty Construction

ASTM A48 Class 30 cast iron is the standard material used in IMPERIAL IP housings. Housing designs are available for survival in extremely harsh environments, through the use of special finishes and stainless hardware.


• Grease limiting speeds 30% higher than setscrew mounts
• Same rolling element as the S-2000 bearing
• Pillow blocks are interchangeable with S-2000 dimensions on all sizes
• All housings are Class 30 Gray Iron
• 2 bolt pillow blocks, 4 bolt flange bearings piloted flange and take-ups in sizes 1-1/8” to 4”
• 4 bolt pillow blocks in sizes 2-3/8” to 5”
• Jackscrew holes standard on piloted flanges
• Can replace 300 series ball bearings in many applications
• Patented adapter mounting system with superior holding power reduces the fretting corrosion caused by vibration
• Shaft ready installation and no special tools required for installation
• Dodge TRIDENT triple lip seal provides superior sealing system
• Seal/land on OD of inner ring maintains full contact pressure even when misaligned
• Less shaft damage compared to setscrew mounts
• Reduced vibration damage compared to setscrew mounts


Click on the link to download ISAF_ISN_IP Bearings TechSpec.