Dodge MTA Gearboxes

Dodge Motorised Torque Arm (MTA) gear reducers are designed and manufactured in the US for extreme-duty applications.  dodge mta

MTA Features

The main features of the Dodge Motorised Torque Arm are a direct-coupled motor and the Dodge patented twin tapered bushing system.  These features enable the MTA to be mounted in positions that belt-driven speed reducers cannot fit, as well as be installed and removed quickly and easily.

A full range of metric and imperial shaft sizes are available, thanks to the flexibility of the twin tapered bushings.  This means that the MTA can be used in existing applications that call for weird output shaft sizes, which gives added flexibility and shortens downtime during breakdowns.

Gearing design is all AGMA-rated, and all units come standard with tapered-roller bearings.  This fact alone offers twice the bearing design life versus competitors’ units.

All Torque Transmissions is the Victorian distributor for Dodge Torque Arm (TAII) and Motorised Torque Arm (MTA) gear reducers.  Stock is available in Australia, so lead times are kept to a minimum.

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Dodge Motorised Torque-Arm II Speed Reducers – General Specification

The speed reducer shall be coupled enclosed shaft mount type unit with a triple reduction ratio.  The reducer shall mount directly on the driven shaft and utilize an adjustable torque arm that attaches from the gear case to the support structure foundation.  The motor shall be attached to the reducer with a cast iron adapter and shall utilize a flexible, jaw style, 3 piece coupling to eliminate fretting corrosion and allow for any minor misalignment issues.  The reducer housing shall be constructed of two piece corrosion resistant, class 30 grey iron.  All housings shall be doweled and precision machined to assure accurate alignment for all gear sets.  Pry slots are provided for ease of repair.

All gearing shall be of helical or helical/bevel design, case carburized and precision finished to ensure a high surface durability with a resilient tooth core for impact resistance and optimum service life.  Input pinion shall be supported between bearings to maintain proper alignment of gear meshes, maximize load carrying capabilities, and to eliminate overhung loads imposed on bearings.  Design meets or exceeds AGMA standards.  Reducer bearings shall be of the tapered roller type, meet or exceed AGMA standards, and provide a 25,000 hour average life, 5,000 L-10 AGMA Class I standard.

All seals shall be of the lip, spring loaded type, made of Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber. A metal excluder seal with rubber lip shall be external to the standard oil seal on all outboard seals.  Reducer installation shall be accomplished by using ductile iron, fully split, two bushing system.  Reducer removal shall be accomplished by providing jack screw holes in the bushing flanges to mechanically remove the tapered assembly.  Backstops shall be lift-off sprag type and designed for use with standard and extreme pressure (EP) lubricants.