Tigear 2 Worm

Dodge’s Tigear 2 family of speed reducers features the new sealing and bushing system that has been proven to reduce total cost of ownership during gearbox life.

Tigear 2 Features and Benefitstigear 2

  • 10 Case Sizes
  • 1.33″ to 4.75 Center Distances
  • 5:1 to 60:1 Reductions
  • Quill Input
  • Separate Input
  • 3-Piece Coupled Input
  • Solid Output
  • Hollow Output


Tigear 2 gear casings and bearing housings are manufactured from class 30 grey iron, whilst the unit is sealed, with no direct passage from the oil sump to the ambient atmosphere.

Worm gear geometry is highly optimised from rating and efficiency, precision manufactured with a single-enveloping design.  The gear set consists of a hardened steel worm shaft, with the worm gear featuring a fine grain, copper-tin bronze which has been specially alloyed for superior durability and wear resistance.

The Dodge Tigear 2 range of wormboxes is available on request, with stock coming directly from the US.  The catalogue can be downloaded by following this link.

Tigear 2 Configuration Options

The advanced design concept of the TIGEAR-2 reducer product line provides extreme flexibility for applications that require from 100 to more than 6,800 lb.-in of torque.  Whether the application requires the compactness of a quill-style input, the durability of a 3-piece coupled input, or a separate keyed input shaft for belt-driven equipment, TIGEAR-2 is the answer.  With four basic reducer configurations that are dimensionally interchangeable with most competitive brands and stock, and bolt-on accessories, the TIGEAR-2 reducer line is truly a complete line that is full of value.