Torque-Arm II Shaft Mounted Gearboxes

Shaft mount torque-arm gearboxes have long been the mainstay of the quarrying and mining industries.  Dodge has been a leader in this field for many years, introducing the successful TXT series.

The TAII torque-arm system builds on the success of the TXT, adding capacity to size and maintaining the benefits that shaft mounted gearboxes enjoy.

All Torque is able to supply the complete range of Dodge Torque-Arm II shaft mounted gearboxes, for metric or imperial shafts and with different input versions.

Torque-Arm II Features

  • 12 new reducer sizes with modular accessories
  • All reducers can be shaft mounted, screw conveyor, vertical, and flange mounted
  • Horsepower ratings through 300kW
  • Torque ratings through 57800Nm • Standard 5, 9, 15, 25, and up to ta240:1 gear ratios
  • Nearly 300:1 speed reduction with V-belt drives • Twin-tapered bushing bores: 1” through 7”
  • All-new, highly efficient helical gearing
  • Meets or exceeds AGMA standards, including 5000 hours L10 life and 25,000 average hour life
  • New heavy duty lip seals for extended wear life & -40° to + 150°C
  • 100% factory noise and leak tested • New metal shield sealing system with excluder lip
  • Smooth, rugged Class 30 cast-iron housings with pry slots
  • New 36-month/18-month warranty protection


Torque-Arm II Options

  • Standard Twin-Tapered Bushing System is an easy on, easy off, no-wobble bushing system featuring a fully split, ductile iron 8° taper and reliable twin support
  • Increased bore capability in many sizes.
  • Short-Shaft Twin-Tapered Bushing Kits (Patent numbers 5,667,333 and 5,951,198) eliminate the need for full length shafts.Constructed with ductile iron, it has all the features of our standard bushing system. Available in both inch and metric bores.
  • Modular Motor Mount is attached and supported by two angle iron brackets with equally spaced holes, which align with the spacing of the cast slots of the gear case. This way, the motor mount can be adjusted up or down depending on the customer’s requirements. It can also be mounted on the side of the reducer for screw conveyor applications.
  • Backstop option helps prevent reverse rotation in high stop-start loads, and results in less wear and longer life. Its centrifugal throwout design eliminates sprag sliding and reduces wear. It operates with standard and EP lubricants and requires no external lubrication.
  • TA Rod Kit includes standard brackets, functions as a belt-tensioning device, and offers universal mounting options.

Click here to check out the Dodge TAII brochure


  • • The CEMA Bolt-On Adapter features doublelip seals on both surfaces. The adapter center is open for contaminate drop out for optimized sealing.
  • • Adjustable Packing Adapter Kit bolts to the standard adapter and provides a proven sealing option for hostile environments. Packing can be retightened.
  • • Screw Conveyor Drive Shafts are made from high alloy steel and engineered to CEMA dimensions. They are three-bolt drilled and their tapered fit ensures simple installation. The rugged locking plate also provides a mechanical shaft removal feature.
  • • Bolt-On Belt Guard Package requires no drilling or straps. It allows multiple height adjustments, features a lift-off cover construction, and has an open metal inspection feature.
  • • Other accessories include cooling fans and vertical breather kits.