Gear Couplings – Dodge

Dodge Gear Couplings are power dense and capable of transmitting high torque at high speeds while still remaining inherently well balanced. Gear Couplings transmit torque by the mating of two hubs with external gear teeth that dodge gear couplingsare joined by flanged sleeves with internal gear teeth.

Engineered for improved operation, the Dodge gear coupling is manufactured with high-quality forged steel for longer service life, and features a high torque rating for efficient downsizing.

The Dodge Gear coupling’s versatile, modular system design is half-for-half interchangeable with competitive AGMA gear couplings.

Dodge Gear Couplings Features / Benefits

  • Large tooth profile for longer life
  • Interchangeable with other industry standard gear coupling


Technical data

Horsepower range @ 1800rpm is 30,000 hp, torque up to 1,000,000 in lbs, bore up to 12.31″

Sizes / Housing styles available

Flex halves with exposed bolts, and rigid hubs from stock, spacer, limited end fleat, and other designs available by contacting DODGE engineering.

Key industries and applications

  • Industry  – Steel, Copper, Paper, Petro-chemical, Food, Wastewater, Transportation
  • Applications  – Pumps; Compressors; Fans; Conveyors; anywhere motors, engines, and turbines are used


Dodge Gear Couplings: Custom Capabilities

  • The Dodge gear coupling product line has catalogued sizes up to AGMA size 7.0, however, manufacturing capabilities also allow for custom designs including:
  • Large sizes up to size 30.0
  • Shrouded bolt
  • Gear spacer couplings
  • Floating shaft designs
  • Limited end float (LEF)
  • Slide gear
  • Shear pin
  • Electrically insulated
  • Metal labyrinth seals
  • Made-to-order (MTO) custom designs


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