Para-Flex Couplings employ a molded, non-lubricated elastomeric flexing member loaded in shear.paraflex

Para-Flex Features / Benefits

Finished Bore Flanges offer extra bore capacity that allows smaller coupling selections. Taper-Lock Flange Design offers reversible flanges for H or F style mounting on size PX50-120.

Five year limited warranty on elements sizes PX40 thru PX200. No lubrication and visual inspection which saves time. Torque is transmitted through composite element system that is reinforced with torque carrying tension cords and split end reinforcement.

Technical data

Hp  Range at 1800 rpm up to 750HP. Torque up to 453,000 in-lbs, Bore range 5/8″ to 11″, Temp. range -40 degrees to +210 degrees. F.

Sizes / Housing styles available

  • Standard Couplings (Taper-Lock, Finished Bore)
  • Spacer Couplings (Taper-Lock, Finished Bore)
  • Heavy Duty Steel Bored-To-Size (BBS)
  • Mill Motor – Floating Shaft
  • Fly Wheel
  • High Speed

Key industries and applications

  • Industry- Steel, Copper, Paper, Petro-chemical, Food, Wastewater, Transportation
  • Applications- Pumps; Compressors; Fans; Conveyors; anywhere motors, engines, and turbines are used

The Dodge Para-Flex coupling range of tyre couplings offers fantastic torque transmission qualities, with high misalignment capabilities (4° angular, 1/8″ parallel and 5/16″ end float) and excellent vibration dampening.

Here is the specification that Dodge makes the Para-Flex series to:

Para-Flex couplings employ a moulded, non-lubricated elastomeric flexing member loaded in shear.  The flexible member is compounded natural or neoprene rubber with textile cord reinforcement throughout and has an extra layer of reinforcement adjacent to the split for added durability.  The compound of natural rubber element shall be suitable for operation in ambient temperature from -42° to 82°, with -40° to 99° for neoprene.

The flexible element is attached by clamping between axially separable rings with exposed SAE grade 8 cap screws.  The couplings are designed to be capable of accommodating combined misalignments of 4° angular, 1/8″ parallel and 5/16″ end float at the full rating of the coupling without restricting the rating or life of the coupling.  The flexible element must be replaceable without disturbing the coupled equipment and without the requirement for realignment.

The coupling assemblies have optional methods of attachment to the shaft including (but not limited to): clearance fit, interference fit and Grip Tight bushings or Taper Lock bushes.  Clearance fits and interference fits are supplied with an industry standard keyway and two set screws, on over the key and one at 65°.

Spacer couplings consist of two hubs and a pre-assembled centre assembly.  The centre assembly is readily removable to facilitate maintenance on pumps or other connected equipment and must be replaceable without disturbing the coupled equipment and without realignment.

All Torque Transmissions keeps the Para-Flex coupling series in stock, with Taper Lock fitment the preferred offering in most sizes.

The Dodge Para-Flex catalogue can be downloaded by clicking here… PT1_coupling