Bipex Claw Coupling

BIPEX couplings are used for all mechanical engineering purposes where an uninterrupted transmission of power is required even in the presence of unavoidable shaft misalignments.  bipexBIPEX couplings are particularly suitable for the connection of driven machines with uniform torque loads.  They have a very low circumferential backlash and can be used for any inclined mounting position.

Bipex Application Examples

  • General mechanical engineering; especially as high-speed coupling on the motor side and for bell housing installation
  • Hydraulic drives
  • Geared motors
  • Pump drives
  • Axle drives

Bipex Advantages

  • Torsionally flexible; high damping properties
  • Flexible fail-safe claw coupling
  • Very compact design; high power capacity
  • Very well suitable for plug-in assembly and assembly into bell housings
  • Available ex stock in 13 sizes for a torque range from 13.5 Nm to 3,700 Nm
  • Type BWT with Taper bush for easy assembly and bore adaptation


Bipex couplings are suitable for mounting horizontally, vertically or at any desired angle.  The coupling parts can be arranged as required on the shaft extensions to be connected.

The cam ring is mounted with low backlash and achieves progressive torsional stiffness, where torsional stiffness increases in proportion to capacity utilisation.

The Bipex coupling is particularly well-suited to electric motor drives which have a uniform torque load and are well aligned.  They are positive-locking and torsionally flexible thanks to the polyurethane cam ring, with shaft misalignment resulting in deformation of this ring.