Flender Gear Units

Flender manufacturers the SIG (standard industry gear) and SIP (planetary) gear unit ranges.  All Torque Transmissions distributes the entire range, with delivery ex Europe.

Flender Gear Units Range

Flender has developed 25 sizes across seven types of both helical and bevel-helical gear units.  In addition, Flender gear units come with a nominal power rating of up to 3900kW for the helical series.

  • FLENDER SIG B2: two-stage bevel-helical gear unitsflender sig
  • FLENDER SIG B3: three-stage bevel-helical gear units
  • FLENDER SIG B4: four-stage bevel-helical gear units
  • FLENDER SIG H4: four-stage helical gear units
  • FLENDER SIG H3: three-stage helical gear units
  • FLENDER SIG H2: two-stage helical gear units
  • FLENDER SIG H1: single-stage helical gear units



At All Torque, we have seen Flender gear units used extensively in the paper manufacturing and recycling industries, as well as some larger conveyor drives.  According to Flender themselves, applications extend to:

  • Conveyor drivesflender gear units
  • Lifting gear drives for cranes
  • Water screw pumps
  • Bucket elevator drives
  • Paper machine drives
  • Ventilator drives
  • Pump drives
  • Compressor drives


As with most helical gear units such as Flender’s SIG and Bonfiglioli’s HDP, mounting positions are flexible, allowing for their fitment into more and more applications.

flender gearbox drawing