The KBMM ™ full-wave variable speed DC motor controls, now with SMT construction, offer the user the ultimate in reliability and performance at an affordable price.  The controls contain a unique, super fast, Direct-Fed™ current limit circuit that helps to protect the SCR power bridge against direct shorts.  The reliability of the KBMM™ is further enhanced with the use of high-surge, 25A SCRs and AC line and armature fusing.kbmm1

KBMM Design Features

The KBMM™ is fitted with KB’s exclusive Plug-in Horsepower Resistor®.  It eliminates the need for recalibrating IR Comp and Current Limit when the control is used on various horsepower motors.  In addition, the rating of the control can be extended to 1 1⁄2 HP at 115V and 3 HP at 230V by the use of KB’s auxiliary heat sink. Models KBMM-225 and KBMM-225D also allow operation of 90 VDC motors when used on 230 VAC line input.

The versatility of the KBMM™ is confirmed by its extensive list of standard features, such as: selectable armature or tach feedback and adjustment trimpots for Min speed, Max speed, IR comp, CL and linear Accel and Decel.

The KBMM™ includes Auto Inhibit®, which eliminates surging during rapid AC line switching; pulse transformer triggering, which provides cogless operation at low speed; and superior noise rejection circuitry, which eliminates false starts and blown SCRs. Enable (N/C) and Inhibit (N/O) functions provide electronic switching of control output.

The output voltage of the control is a linear function of potentiometer rotation.  In addition, the control can be used in a voltage following mode by supplying an isolated analogue input signal to terminal P2(+) and F-.  The KBMM™ is compact in size (only 4.3″ x 3.64″ x 1.25″) and easily replaces all competitive speed controls.  The control is supplied with a 5 k Ω remote potentiometer and QD terminals.

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