The KBRC-240D is a Full-Wave Regenerative Drive in a NEMA-4X / IP-65 washdown and watertight enclosure. It is designed to operate 90 and 180 Volt Permanent Magnet and Shunt Wound DC motors in a bidirectional mode.  It provides 4-quadrant operation, which allows forward and reverse torque in both speed directions.  This allows the control to maintain constant speed with overhauling loads and provides rapid instant reversing and controlled braking.

KBRC Features

Because of its excellent performance, the control can replace servo drives in many applications.  The KBRC-240D has a Regeneration Overspeed Protection Circuit, which prevents failure of the power bridge in extreme overhauling conditions.  Motor overload protection (I x t) will shut down control if the motor is overloaded for a predetermined amount of time. The exclusive Auto-Inhibit® circuit allows safe, smooth starting during rapid cycling of the AC line.  Due to its user-friendly design, the KBRC-240D is easy to install and operate.  Tailoring to specific applications is accomplished via selectable jumpers and trimpot adjustments.  However, for most applications, no adjustments are necessary.kbrc1

The KBRC-240D can be operated from a two or three wire start/stop circuit or can be started from the AC line.  A set of dedicated normally open or normally closed relay contacts are provided, which are activated via the start/stop circuit.  They can be used to turn on or off equipment or to signal a warning if the control is put into Stop Mode or times out in TCL.  Main features of the KBRC-240D include Speed or Torque control modes.  In Linear Torque mode (S/L), speed and torque vary linearly as a function of main speed potentiometer rotation or input signal.  In Non-Linear Torque mode (NL), the torque is varied by the main speed potentiometer or input signal, and remains constant throughout the motor’s entire speed range.  In addition, Regenerate-to-Stop (RTS) or Coast-to-Stop (CTS) stoping modes are also provided.

Standard front panel features of the KBRC-240D include diagnostic LEDs (for Power On, Stop and Overload), a Start/Stop Switch and a Main Speed Potentiometer.  Other features include Barrier Terminal Blocks (facilitates wiring of the AC line, motor, tach-generator and run relay), adjustable trimpots (OFFSET, RACC, FACC, MAX, FWDCL, REVCL, IR, RESP, DB and TCL), selectable jumpers (AC line voltage, motor voltage or tach feedback, motor current, analog input voltage, control mode, torque mode, current limit mode, regeneration mode, run relay and enable) and LEDs (Power On, Overload, Forward Enable and Reverse Enable). Optional accessories for the KBRC-240D include a Forward-Stop-Reverse Switch, a Power On/Off Switch, a Signal Isolator and an Auto/Manual Switch. Quick-connect terminals are provided for easy installation of all accessories.

KBRC Links

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Options for KBRC…

F-S-R (Forward-Stop-Reverse) Switch Kit 9485

On/Off Line Switch Kit 9486

Auto/Manual Switch Kit 9487

SIRC (KBRC Bi-Polar Signal Isolator) 8842