FPSS Stainless Steel Electric Motors

A major part of the Dertec range from All Torque is the selection of electric motors available.

Features of FPSS Series Electric Motors

Stainless Steel (AISI304/AISI316) 3 phase induction motors:

From 0.12 kW up to 0.75 kW TENV (Totally Enclosed Non Ventilated)

From 0.75kW up to 7.5 kW TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled)

2 pole, 4 pole and 6 pole versions as standard
8 pole versions on request
Round O-ring sealed terminal box
O-Ring sealed bearing shields
IP66 / IP69(K) versions
Isolation Class F
Build in PTCs
No tagplate, technical specifications are engraved in the housing surfaceQuality C3 bearings
IE2 and IE3
Special pressure anti condensation debreather Watercooled TEWC (Totally Enclosed Water Cooled) on request

All motors are available in foot versions, flange versions or a combination of these.

Special pressure anti condensation debreather

We developed a special pressure anti condensation debreather.
This debreather is used to reduce the pressure difference between the warm air inside themotor and the cold air outside the motor.
When the motor is used it heats up.
When shut down and cleaned with cold water the motor cools down too fast and createsan under pressure. This results in suction of “wet” air from outside the motor.
This can cause damage to the bearings and windings.
With our debreather this problem of pressure difference is reduced, because inside ourdebreather is a special membrane which only lets air through and no water.
All of our stainless steel motors are equipped with one of these debreathers.F