FV Stainless Steel Wormbox

Maxi Hygienic FV Series stainless steel wormboxes have been designed to meet the latest standards for the highly demanding environments found in the food industry. The organic round and smooth design makes the FV Series well suited to the demands of Australian food and beverage, whilst utilising state of the art design technology for the new generation of wormwheel and pinion.

The main features are :

  • Made of high quality carefully electro polished Stainless Steel AISI316. (Mirror polished finish on request)
  • Smooth design is visually appealing; ready to suit all kinds of stainless steel machinery for the food industry
  • Standard ratios between 7.5 to 100:1
  • Optional 316SS open and closed hollow shaft covers for extra hygiene
  • Hollow output shafts in stainless steel
  • Optional easy clean hygienic design 316SS torque arms and footplates
  • Factory equipped with synthetic H1 foodgrade oil
  • Each gearbox is tested with a 100% factory pressure leak test
  • No Tagplates! The tagplate is etched on the gearbox, no dirt traps under the tagplate