Friction Cups: Charles & Hunting

Friction cups for Charles & Hunting variators are stocked as a replacement item by All Torque Transmissions.

Charles & Hunting Variators

friction cupsSimple, practical and robust, Charles & Hunting variators are in use throughout many areas of Australian industry, the majority of which still performing faultlessly.

Charles & Hunting Friction Cups

In mechanical variator design, the variation of speed is effected by moving a driving disc across the face of the friction cup, which gives stepless variable speed. As a result, the friction cup becomes the wear part; designed to be replaced after it has worn out (usually between 5,000 and 10,000 hours).

Friction cup drive surfaces run completely dry and have a relatively long life expectancy depending on the application. As an expendable item – similar to the tyres of a motor vehicle – the friction cup is inexpensive to replace.

There are four sizes of friction cups in the range:

– Size 1: 3″ diameter

– Size 2: 4-1/2″ diameter

– Size 3: 5-1/2″ diameter

– Size 4: 7″ diameter

Friction Cup Availability

Stocks are held in both Braeside and Preston.

Charles & Hunting friction cups are made in Australia.