Gas Springs

gas springAll Torque Transmissions distributes a range of quality gas springs, to exacting standards.  Made in Australia, our gas springs have the following features:

  • Controlled movement:  The rate of motion of the spring is controlled by using special engineering techniques to slow or dampen the shaft/rod movement, to a pre-determined rate.
  • Measured force in Newtons to predetermined tolerances:  The standard manufacturing tolerance of +10/-0% @ 20C.  More strict tolerances are available.
  • Variable distances of movement of the spring:  The stroke and body lengths are variable from 50mm to more than 1000mm.
  • Long working life:  The average working life of a gas spring installed correctly is 4-5 years.
  • Space efficient:  Gas springs require minimal space for housing within a mechanical environment.

The All Torque range of gas springs includes both ‘counterbalance’ springs and ‘traction’ springs.

As we are in constant contact with the factory, special orders for low quantity applications are our specialty.  No longer are customers forced to adapt their requirements to suit the gas springs that manufacturers want to produce, as the customer is in charge of what the manufacturer produces.

When ordering, look to specify the following details:

  • Body length
  • Stroke length
  • Force (Newtons)
  • End fitting style