Actuators by Mecvel

mecvel actuators

Mecvel actuators are used in a wide variety of industries on all sorts of equipment.  We have seen them used to position blades on wood cutting machinery, as adjustment devices all through the textile industry, in paint and chemical plants and even as adjustors for photovoltaic equipment.

All Torque Transmissions are proud distributors of Mecvel linear actuators, with stocks available from the factory in Italy.

Actuators: main components


Actuators can play host to different kinds of motors, both AC (three or single phase) and DC.  There are also many options available, such as seconds shafts and manual brake release.


Either worm-screw or planetary gearboxes are standard throughout the Mecvel range.

Lead screw

Cold-rolled steel coupled with bronze or nylon nuts.  Ballscrew versions feature tempering and are coupled with hardened and ground ball nuts.

Push rod

For low load actuators, rods are fabricated from aluminium.  High load applications feature chrome-plated steel (or stainless steel by request).

Parameters for actuator selection

  • load dynamics (load trend along stroke)mecvel actuator2
  • speed (linear speed trend along stroke)
  • duty cycle
  • environmental conditions
  • stroke length
  • power supply
  • output rpm (when fitted to a gearbox)
  • output torque (when fitted to a gearbox)