Screwjacks by MecVel

Screwjacks from MecVel feature a wormgear, leadscrew and nut, providing a ‘stiff’ kinematic sequence.  As they are usually integrated into complex machinery, screwjacks cannot be considered as safety devices and should never be used where failure could be injurious to individuals.

All Torque Transmissions distributes MecVel screwjacks, with stocks coming directly from the factory in Italy.


MecVel screwjacks include:

  • Aluminium gearbox for sizes 05, 10, 25; cast iron for sizes 50 100 200
  • Hardened-tempered steel wormscrew
  • Bronze wormwheel
  • Nut: bronze nut
  • Ball bearings
  • Cast iron front lock-ring
  • Aluminium rear pipe (HT series)
  • Carbon-steel (standard) ACME leadscrew
  • AISI 304-steel leadscrew
  • Ballscrew: hardened-tempered steel


Screwjack Selection

mecvel cat

The main parameters for the correct selection of a screwjack are:

  • Load cycle (trend of the load along the stroke)
  • Travelling speed (trend of the speed along the stroke)
  • Duty cycle
  • Environmental conditions
  • Working stroke of the jack
  • Supply voltage
  • Bucking load
  • Type of constraints
  • Radial load (if any)


Devices for controlling stroke include:

  • Integrated mechanical switches
  • Proximity sensors
  • External mechanical switches
  • Magnetic limit switches
  • Potentiometer
  • Incremental encoder


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The MecVel screwjacks catalogue can be downloaded by clicking on this link: MecVel Screwjacks