Reeves Motodrive General Information

Completely Self Contained

Reeves Motodrive combines a variable speed beltcase, motor and gear reducer in a matched combination.  There are no tricky alignment problems; no guessing at compatibility.

Low-Cost Variable Speed

Mechanical dependability saves you equipment dollars, not only through low initial cost, but through low-cost components that are readily available and quickly replaced if ever necessary.  Operating cost is low, too, since the Reeves Vari-Speed Motodrive is as practical and dependable as an AC motor.

Simple, Fast Maintenance

Just give it occasional lubrication, it’s that simple and sensible!  The cast-iron enclosure is corrosion resistant.IMG_0034 (2)

Safety in Design

Completely self-contained construction means no guards or enclosures are needed for components.  Permanently sealed spring cartridge (on all models in excess of 1.5kW) provides safer field maintenance.

AC Motors

Reeves Vari-Speed Motodrives utilise a standard flange-mount TEFC motor to IEC standards.  Should motor replacement ever be necessary, the standard flange mounting makes it fast and easy, without alignment problems.

Principle and Arrangement

Heavy-duty tensile cord belt construction together with pre-aligned vee pulleys accurately machined from close-grained cast iron assures long life and less power loss, even in arduous applications.  Cog-type belt construction reduces operating temperature and combines grip with maximum flexibility.  Reducers offer a variety of gear ratios from 2:1 to 140:1.  Gears are manufactured from high tensile steel, case hardened or hardened and tempered.  Gears are profile ground and are rated according to AGMA standards for strength and durability.

Bearings and shafts are generously proportioned for long life at maximum loads.  Patented ‘close-grooving’ lubrication assures positive lubrication of the pulley shafts.

Motor and Current

Reeves Vari-Speed Motodrives are equipped with standard flange mounting motors of TEFC squirrel cage construction of 415 volt, 3 phase, 50 hertz supply.  Under normal conditions, the Motodrive is suitable for direct-on-line (DOL) starting.  Contact us for information where unusual or severe starting conditions exist.


The Motodrive is normally supplied in the floor mounting arrangement.  Wall, ceiling and flange mounting arrangements are also available upon request.

Lubrication Access

When mounting the Motodrive, provision should be made for normal maintenance of lubrication points including reducer oil level, fill and drain plugs.

Temperature Rating

The ambient operating temperature should not exceed 40 degress C under normal conditions.  Where the ambient temperature normally exceeds this, contact us.

Special Motors

Motors such as DIP, EX’d, IP66 etc. are available on request, as well as motors with non-standard voltage and frequency.