Founded in 1993, Telcomec’s range of pneumatic and electromagnetic tooth clutches hastelcomec gdf propelled it into the top tier of manufacturers.

The range is complete, with pneumatic couplings, electromagnetic tooth clutches, disc clutches, clearance-free electromagnetic brakes and multi-plate mechanical clutches.  The GDF series of electromagnetic tooth clutches even has a torque spread of 40Nm to 16,000Nm!

Features of Telcomec toothed clutches

  • Telcomec electrically commanded toothed clutches transmit drive through a pair of toothed rings, which mesh and disengage under the control of a coil which generates a magnetic flux.
  • The toothed clutches, for electrically released versions, transport the motion without current and let it supply freely by the electric coil.
  • Toothed clutches have no contact between the two toothed surfaces when the drive is disengaged.  This helps eliminating residual torque and enables the toothed clutches to rotate at high speeds.
  • The toothed clutches can run dry or wet.


Technical department

Telcomec’s in-house technical department is available to capitalise upon consistent materials development in the quest for even further suitable applications.  We are in contact with them where customers are looking for something that isn’t in the catalogue, and they have engineered a bespoke clutch to suit specific requirements.

All Torque has been a distributor for Telcomec for many years, and we are proud to represent them in the Australian market.