Flexomax G


Flexible Couplings - FLEXOMAX G

Nominal Torque Range
20.50 Nm – 48600.00 Nm

Speed Range
1200 RPM – 12500 RPM

Product Key Facts
Product Description
Torsional flexible coupling equipped with elastic element working in compression. Suitable for motion reversals and multidirectional flexibility. 

High Speed Shaft of machinery driven by electric motors.


  • Allows for compensating axial, radial and angular misalignments
  • Limited maintenance required
  • Protects the drivetrain from shock loads

Tailor-made Solutions

  • Modular design with high customisation degree possibilities
  • Radial removability of the coupling without having to move the connected machinery
  • Possibility of integrating braking discs or pulleys within the coupling


  • Available in different designs (G/GSN/GBN) – to satisfy the requirements of even the most restricted applications
  • Reverse functionality
  • Compact design