Flexible Couplings - PINOFLEX

Nominal Torque Range
1320 Nm – 8730 Nm

Rotational Speed
1650.00 RPM – 3150.00 RPM

Product Key Facts
Product Description
Torsional flexible coupling with plug-in  flexible elements composed by single pins. 

High speed shaft of machinery driven by electric motor requiring a short installation length.


  • Plug-in design with minimum built-in length of the coupling
  • Possibility of removing the elastic elements without having to disconnect the machinery
  • High shock loads damping capacity

Tailor-made solutions

  • Shaft to shaft or shaft to flange connection design available on request
  • Shaft to flywheel J620 SAE 8-14 inches available on request
  • Extra short installation design available on request


  • Low number of components
  • Modular design of the elastic elements
  • Easy to install