Wrap Spring Clutch

Wrap Spring Operationwrap spring

CB Series wrap spring clutch/brake combinations are designed for applications requiring a continuous rotational input being converted into starting and stopping a load.  To start motion, the solenoid is pulsed, moving the actuator arm away from the control collar.  This allows the clutch spring to wrap (wind) down onto the output assembly while the brake spring is unwinding, allowing the output to drive.

Motion is stopped when the actuator returns to its rest position and the control collar rotates, stopping against the actuator.  This forces the clutch wrap spring to unwind releasing the input from the output and wraps the brake spring down, stopping the output.  Anti-back and anti-overrun springs maintain position accuracy by eliminating any backward movement or bounce when stopped.

The actual stopping position of wrap spring clutches can be adjusted after installation by moving the splined cam of the control collar assembly.


Stop Position Accuracy ・}1/2°

Adjustable Output Stop Positions

Standard Features of Wrap Springs

– CW or CCW Rotation

– Hub Input – Shaft Output

– Anti-Overrun Output does not overrun Input

– Anti-Back Output does not Backup

1, 2 and 4 stop collars for 360°, 180°, and 90° output increments standard

– Special multi-stop collars also available (up to 24 stops)

115 VAC and 24 VDC Solenoids Standard

– Other Voltages Available

Dimensionally Interchangeable with Competitive Units

5 Standard Wrap Spring Models

*     CB-2

*     CB-4

*     CB-5

*     CB-6

*     CB-8

*     CB-10