CFW-08 Attributes

CFW-08 Description

The WEG CFW-08 VSD series is intended for speed control of three-phase induction motors. These VSDs incorporate the most advanced technology and full features in a compact product, beyond a set of special functions available.

WEG CFW-08 VSDs are easy to install and operate. They are equipped with a optimized software that can be easily set through a Keypad, which enables them to process and control most of industrial machines. In addition, the CFW-08 Plus series is equipped with dead time compensation technique, thus avoiding motor instability and providing increase of torque at low speeds.cfw-08

CFW-08 Applications

Centrifugal Pumps, Process Pumps, Fans / Exhausters, Stirrers / Mixers, Extruding Machines, Conveyors, Roller Tables, Granulators, Pelletizing Machines, Driers, Rotating Ovens, Rotating Filters, Winders, Unwinding Machines, Cutting and Welding Machines.


  • Power Range: from 0,25 to 15 KW.
  • Power Supply Voltage: 200-240 V, 380-480 V, 500-600 V.
  • DSP (Digital Signal Processor) control provides a reasonable improvement of inverter performance
  • State-of-the-Art Technology with the newest generation of IGBTs
  • Electronics with SMD components
  • Scalor (V / F) or sensorless components
  • Sinusoidal PWM modulation – Space Vector Modulation
  • Latest generation IBGT modules
  • Considerable motor noise reduction
  • Interface with membrane keypad (standard and remote HMI)
  • Flexible programming
  • Compact dimensions
  • Easy installation and operation
  • High starting torque
  • Conduit installation kit
  • Optional internal (class A) and external (class B) EMC filters