WEG Motor Spares

As WEG’s distributor in Victoria, All Torque Transmissions also handles the full range of motor spares for the W21 and W22 series of electric motors.

WEG Motor Spares Range

The range of spares from WEG includes:

  • bearing caps motor spares
  • drive endshields
  • flanges
  • non-drive endshields
  • fans
  • seal kits
  • terminal boxes
  • terminal blocks
  • canopies
  • fan cowls


As WEG supplies both standard industrial and mining spec. motors in the W22 series, full service demands that separate motor spares must also be kept, although for many parts the two series are interchangeable.

WEG’s spare parts range starts at IEC 63 frame and goes all the way through to IEC 355 frame.