Gearbox Repairs

When it comes to gearbox repairs, All Torque Transmissions is able to repair and overhaul geared motors and variable speed drives, both in Braeside and Preston.broken gear

Gearbox Repairs – The Dilemma

The repair of industrial gearboxes is a specialised field, especially in Australia, with a multitude of brands, various fitments and countless configurations.  Machinery that comes in from overseas contributes to the issue, as in many cases there is no local distributor for the power transmission spares that will inevitably be required.

All Torque Transmissions has the skilled workshop staff to handle all brands of repairs, with dedicated facilities at both our Braeside and Preston offices.  One major advantage All Torque has is our machine shop, which boasts a full range of tooling to do all of our own machining.  This has been especially useful when production breakdown demands preclude sourcing gearboxes from interstate, when there is no local stock coverage.  We have been able to make modifications to output shafts, flanges, feet and even input bores and flanges to have production back online as quickly as possible.

IMG_0084OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFurther speeding up the repair process is our complete motor range.  We keep all sizes of three phase electric motor in stock (2P, 4P, 6P) in all mounting types, which means there is no delay if the motor is ‘beyond it’.  If there is a specialist motor that is in need of a rewind, we deal with local rewinders who understand the demands of keeping production lines running – and have turnaround times to match.

All of the ancillaries to keep repair times to a minimum are also held in stock.  Primarily, this means bearings, circlips, seals and oil (synthetic and mineral), although our parts washer is surprisingly one of our most valued assets.

Not Just Gearboxes…

In addition to geared motors and gearboxes, we also assess variable speed drives, drives, clutches & brakes, and other drive equipment – with the view to the viability of repair versus replacement.  In some cases, the economic decision is for replacement, however many units we see have been superseded and there is no direct replacement, so repair is the only option.  This is where our bespoke capability comes to the fore, with machining and modifications, where necessary.

Alongside repairs and overhauls, we are able to test-run and speed check existing equipment, as part of the diagnostic process.

Either way, All Torque Transmissions is ready for the NEXT breakdown repair…