Warner Electric Servicing

warner electric servicingAll Torque handles Warner Electric servicing in-house, where we are able to service and repair existing componentry.  Extending service life and speeding up turnaround times when a new replacement would have to come from overseas has reduced the downtime experienced by many customers.

Warner Electric Servicing

In addition to supplying new Warner Electric equipment, All Torque Transmissions services and repairs:

  • Electromagnetic clutch/brakes
  • Wrap spring clutches
  • Tension brakes


Experience Counts

All Torque Transmissions has a complete range of industrial clutches and brakes, actuators and tension controls, which serve many industries and applications.  We have been associated with Warner Electric (now part of Altra Industrial Motion) since the outset of our business and some of our staff members have even notched up over 40 years with the product.