From the Archives

All Torque Transmissions has been around since 1996 and in that time we have had some weird and wonderful stuff come through the doors.  The below images are from our first website and give a snap shot of some of the things we have been involved with.  How young are Rob and Craig in some of the photos?



Bonfiglioli Transmital Planetary Drive, complete with IEC Scorpion motor.
 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Combination variable speed drive, SEW geared unit, complete with Siti variator &       WEG motor, fitted and tested.
Bonfiglioli Shaft mount ‘TA 125’ series in for repair.
Bonfiglioli Shaft mount ‘TA 125’ series in overhaul stage.
Bonfiglioli Shaft mount ‘TA 125’ series fully rebuilt.
Bonfiglioli Shaft mount ‘TA 125’ repaired – ready for service again.
All Torque special design – The beginnings of a parallel helical fabricated       gearbox – custom made for Blue Scope Steel.
 All Torque special design – The beginnings of a parallel helical fabricated gearbox – custom made for Blue Scope Steel.
new45 All Torque special design – Blue Scope special gearbox mid production. new46 All Torque special design – Blue Scope special gearbox internals.
new47 All Torque special design – Blue Scope special gearbox completed, and ready for service on site. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Stone Wallwork PIV TE 5A Variators – internals.
Stone Wallwork PIV TE4A and TE5A Variator – completed repairs.
PIV Linkbelt variator.Restored to original condition – with new chain, wheel       faces,bearings etc.
Preparing Bonfiglioli double reduction worm gearboxes complete with WEG motors.
Finished, modified and repaired KHS (Germany) Spiral Bevel & worm box combination.
Link Belt PIV – Fully repaired & ready for service.
Bonfiglioli ‘W86’ complete with Adaption-Special to incorporate hydraulic motor fitted.
Special gearing, including these large 11 module spur gears, 64mm face width with Taper bushes.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Bonfiglioli Transmital Planetary gearbox complete with WEG brake, motor and special       safety guard.
Bonfiglioli Transmital Right angle Planetary gearbox.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA PIV type 2A repair, about to be converted and test run.
 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Bonfiglioli Transmital Right angle Planetary drives complete with cooling fans  new20
PIV variator, new unit supplied from PIV Germany – complete with locally fitted         Bonfiglioli Torque Limited worm gear motor as servo speed control.
 new22 ‘FU’ variator after repair.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA PIV phase shifting drive, overhauled complete with toothed clutch replaced.
 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Toothed clutch fitted to repaired PIV phase shifting gearbox.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA PIV repair, type WKS7G2.
 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Tandler spiral bevel gearbox, replacement unit.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA PIV type KSGO-U2 variator,replacement unit.
 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Telcomec pneumatic toothed clutch, 1 of 6 units.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Transmital Planetary Drive, vertical up-mount.
 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ASB331 PIV repair  new31 PIV replacement chain (left side old, right side new) – original chain from PIV Germany held in our stock.
 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ALLSPEEDS Kopp 316 variator overhauled.  new33 Bonfiglioli ‘F’ series helical, complete with brake motor.
 new34 ‘AO’ type PIV variator – Fully refurbished.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA SEW geared motor complete with OMC Comintec torque limiter Ball detent Coupling       device….
 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Flender Cavex gearbox refurbishment.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Marzorati phase changing gearbox rebuild.
 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Marzorati phase changing gearbox rebuilds X 6.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Link Belt PIV rebuilt 7 ready for service.
 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA WEG mining motor coupled to Flender in-line helical gearbox – adapted to Flender helical via….  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA On the truck, ready for delivery on site
 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Bonfiglioli       motorised door drive complete with brake motor, ‘W’ series gearbox, & retrofitted limit switch box.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Matrix air tooth clutch, replaced with Telcomec (Italy) unit.
 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Baldor USA special Mail Handling motor, Warner USA clutch brake unit all fitted       to Winsmith worm box.  pic15 One of 2 only 1500 diameter x 20 groove SPC pulleys. Both Australian made for       Hammer mill application
 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA PIV Windsor drives – rebuilds for newspaper industry.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Bonfiglioli MVF110 repair with DC motor & Tacho generator.
 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Bevel helical shaft mounted gearbox, complete with WEG motor.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA W86 worm gearbox with HS (High Speed) input.
 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Bonfiglioli worm box – mechanical 5:1 ratio variator and WEG motor.  pic35 Bonfiglioli geared drives – ready for delivery.
 pic1 An example of 3 phase motors and DC motor with controller  pic18 Warner Electric clutch adapted by All Torque to clients cable wheel drive
 pic1b Our in house assembly provides fitments of all brands of motors and gearboxes  pic19 WE TURNED THIS…
 pic2 500-off Machined Double row sprockets each fitted in house with 2 x sealed for life       bearings  pic20 INTO THIS – We specialise in refurbishment and rebuilding
 pic3 An Italian speed increaser gearbox setup for P.T.O. input into pump application  pic21 Young All Torque mascot ‘Craig’ checks the tyre pressure before final delivery       of this geared motor.
 pic4 DC motor/Clutch-Brake/in -line helical gearbox adaption is a daily occurence!  pic22 ‘The oil level is fine’
 pic5 1200 Diameter x 24 Groove section ‘8V’ pulley ready for delivery for 1500 HP       woodchip drive  pic6 Our in house belt drive design – photograph of pulley (from previous picture)       installed with 2 motor pulleys 12 groove and 24 belt drive on 2 X 750 HP       motors.
 pic23a PIV Germany Variable speed drives – repairs and spares. Rebuilt unit ready for       dispatch  pic23b PIV Germany Compound variable speed unit in for repair
 pic1 We       can tell you about all of these brand examples and more  pic24
Bonfiglioli Power transmission gearboxes, Variable speed drives etc
LEAGUE OF NATIONS – combination of product from 5 countries – Perfect mix for this client. Flame cut-two piece segment sprocket for drum drive
You want all one brand to suit your needs – WE CAN SUPPLY IT! 11-off 2.2 KW invertors in IP 41 enclosure – also IP 55 version shown at right
‘One Off’ import clutches and tensioners from the USA supplied by a reputable       American P.T. house ‘A small example of the company we keep’ – Drives include Bonfiglioli,Stroter,Warner       Electric,Siemens etc
In-line Gearbox with enclosed mechanical variator The beginnings of a Transit Mixer-concrete truck driven sprocket
Shimpo – Japan. a direct import and P.T. partner This extruder gearbox was repaired ‘in house’ with locally made hardened and       ground helical input gearing set
In-line helical gear heads, Retro-fitted with D.I.P. hazardous location motors for       grain conveyors Siemens motor with Rotor shaft modified for Left Hand threaded nuts
All brands of gearboxes and P.T. equipment available from our USA contacts 2 x Bonfiglioli Italian shaft mounted helical bevel geard motors – ready for       installation
AC Eddy current drives.Old technology but perfect for some applications! All Torque’s new workshop in Braeside (inside view).