E-Z Kleen Mounted Units

Dodge E-Z Kleen units are corrosion resistant polymer and stainless steel housed ball bearings.ezkleen

Features / Benefits

For over 125 years, the Dodge brand has been synonymous with the best the industry has to offer.  Bearing users in the food and beverage industry recognize that with Dodge they have access to the best selection of the highest quality mounted ball bearings available in the market.

QuadGuard Sealing System

The Dodge E-Z Kleen and Ultra Kleen bearings for the food and beverage industry offer an array of features that provide extended life in these challenging conditions.  Dodge has the only bearings in the industry to offer a patented triple-lip seal with a rubberized flinger, the QuadGuard™ sealing system.  These units also include an exclusive ball retainer, the Maxlife™ cage which helps retain lubrication and prevents washout in wet environments.  Combine these features with a complete line of polymer and stainless housing offerings, concentric and adapter mounting options and you have a family of mounted ball bearing products that are unsurpassed in the industry.

  • Corrosion resistant thin dense chrome insert
  • Polymer housing with solid base
  • No cavities or fillings to trap contaminants 
  • Active anti-microbial agent in the polymer that prevents fungal and bacterial growth
  • 300 series stainless steel housing accepts corrosion resistant SC or D-Lock insert


Sizes / Housing sizes available

Available in a wide variety of housing styles in inch and metric and with SC or D-LOK inserts.

Key industries and applications

  • Food, Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical packaging
  • Processing industries


Download the E-Z KLEEN Bearings TechSpec catalogue.


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