Big Bonfiglioli A Box Stops Breakdown

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASometimes the speed of delivery is the most important requirement of customers, especially when lost production is thrown into the equation.

A big financial loss was cut off at the source when an aging David Brown reducer – which had admittedly performed flawlessly for decades – finally gave up the ghost, shutting down a major grain elevator.

All Torque worked with both the customer and Bonfiglioli to develop an immediate, sustainable replacement gearbox, one that (with a little re-engineering at the customer’s end) saw a loss of downtime of only SIX HOURS.  This six hours includes product identification, sourcing, assembly, motor fitment, freighting, installation and commissioning.

Obviously, not every customer order is a breakdown and our preferred method of identifying problems is to stop them before they happen (such as having a spare unit on-site beforehand), but Bonfiglioli stepped up for the delivery on this one and our customer was extremely happy with the turnaround time.