Workshop Capability

machined pulleysOur workshop (with its full compliment of staff) is capable of handling repairs of geared motors from all manufacturers, at both Braeside and Preston.

We are also proficient in handling Warner Electric repairs and overhauls.

Braeside’s workshop features a dedicated PIV overhaul section, with all of the specialist tooling and componentry that this entails.

Our machine shop handles our own machining requirements, general machining including boring and keying, as well as extending the usability of existing power transmission equipment.

Our machine shop boasts a full range of tooling to do all of our own machining.  This has been especially useful when production breakdown demands preclude sourcing gearboxes from interstate, when there is no local stock coverage.  We have been able to make modifications to output shafts, flanges, feet and even input bores and flanges to have production back online as quickly as possible.