Stop Breaking Machinery – Overload Protection

Overload protection is arguably more important when economic times are challenging than any other.  The last thing that a manufacturing firm needs is lost production due to line downtime, let alone the cash to fix broken machinery when comlargemaintenance budgets are being trimmed and net working capital is already tight.

Mechanical overload protection remains the mainstay of industry for three simple reasons; it is easy to set-up, straightforward to fine-tune and, probably most importantly, provides instant protection.  Electronic systems are available, but can be overly complex for many applications and the cost of installation and commissioning is not justifiable.

Comintec S.r.l. has dedicated itself to pursuing the best way to protect machinery by designing and manufacturing world class torque limiters, pneumatic clutches and couplings.  The entire Comintec range is made at its Bologna plant in Italy, with manufacturing working alongside R&D to continually develop both product specifications and the size of the range.

Comintec’s array of torque limiters (exclusively distributed in Australia by All Torque Transmissions) is large enough to accommodate shaft sizes from 6mm through to 140mm in its DSF friction limiter series.  The corresponding torque range is from 1 Nm to 23,000 Nm.  The DSF range comes in multiple varieties; ready for platewheel fitment, ready to machine for coupling connection as well as smaller flange versions where space is restricted.

comintec closeAll Torque Transmissions keeps full stocks of the DSF friction limiters, as well as DSS and DSR ball and roller detent safety couplings at its Braeside, Victoria head office.  Orders are constantly placed on the factory in Italy and lead times for custom-manufactured limiters are usually under two weeks.